The Future of Christology
Tác giả: Roger Haight
Ký hiệu tác giả: HA-R
DDC: 232.1 - Chúa Giêsu (Kitô học)
Ngôn ngữ: Anh
Số cuốn: 1

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Mã số: 617BC0005420
Nhà xuất bản: Continuum
Năm xuất bản: 2005
Khổ sách: 20
Số trang: 224
Kho sách: Kho B (Ban Thần)
Tình trạng: Hiện có
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1. Jesus Research and Faith in Jesus Christ  
The Framework for This Discussion  16
Classical Christological Doctrines and the Imagination 19
Jesus Research and the Imagination 21
Two Views on Jesus Research and Christian Faith 24
The Impact of Jesus Research on Christology 29
2. The Logic of Christology from Below  
The Situation of Christology 34
Characteristics of Christology from the Below 38
The Genesis of Christology 43
The Structure of Christology 45
Loci in Christology 47
3. Human Freedom and a Christian Understanding of Salvation as Liberation  
Framing the Discussion 55
Salvation as Liberation of Human Freedom 62
4. Notes for a Constructive Theology of the Cross  
Problems in Some Theologies of the Cross 76
Preliminary Considerations 81
Notes for Constructive Theology of the Cross 86
Conclusion 101
5. Catholic Pluralism on Religious Pluralism: Rahner and Schillebeeckx  
Life Situation and Context 105
Method in Theology 107
Premises to Their Positions 110
Christ and Other Religions 115
Conclusion 120
6. Jesus and Church Mission 123
Developments Since Vatican II 125
Jesus and Mission 136
Conclusion 145
7. Outline for an Orthodox Pluralist Christology 148
Basic Considerations in the Mode of a Philosophy of Religion 149
The logic of Christology 151
Other Religious from Christian Standpoint 156
An Orthodox Pluralist Christology 159
8. Two Types of Christology 165
The Witness of the New Testament to Multiple Christologies 167
The Old Testament Perspective for Understanding the New Testament Witness 168
The Scriptural Meaning of Spirit and Word Applied to Jesus 172
The Strengths of a Spirit and a Word Christology 174
The Viability of a Spirit and a Word Christology in the Future 176
9. The Future of Christology 180
Three Patterns of How Development Occurs 181
Two Ares of Christological Development: Other Religious and Jesus's Divinity 186
Conclusion 194
Epilogue: Jesus Symbol of God: Criticism and Response 196
A Genetic Method 197
Representation of the Jesus Material 199
The Easter Experience 201
Pluralism of New Testament Christologies 203
The Construct of a Symbol 204
Interruption of Nicea and Chalcedon 206
The Meaning of Salvation 207
Jesus Christ vis-à-vis Other Religions 208
Christology Proper 211
God as Trinity 212
Conclusion 213
Review of Jesus Symbol of God 215
Index 217