Love and Responsibility
Tác giả: Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II)
Ký hiệu tác giả: WO-K
DDC: 248.4 - Chứng nhân Công giáo
Ngôn ngữ: Việt
Số cuốn: 1

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Mã số: 617BC0010612
Nhà xuất bản: Ignatius Prees
Năm xuất bản: 1993
Khổ sách: 21
Số trang: 319
Kho sách: Kho B (Ban Thần)
Tình trạng: Hiện có
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Introduction to the present edition 9
Author's introduction to the first edition (1960) 15
Chapter I: The person and the sexual urge  
Analysis of the Verb 'to Use' 21
The Person as the Subject and Object of Action 21
The First Meaning of the Verb 'to Use' 25
'Love' as the Opposite of 'Using' 28
The Second Meaning of the Verb 'to Use' 31
Critique of Utilitarianism 34
The Commandment to Love, and the Personalistic Norm 40
Interpretation of the Sexual Urge 45
Instinct or Urge? 45
The Sexual Urge as an Attribute of the Individual 47
The Sexual Urge and Existence 51
The Religious Interpretation 54
The Rigorist Interpretation 57
The 'Libidinistic' Interpretation 61
Final Observations 66
Chapter II: The person and love  
Metaphysical Analysis of Love 73
The Word 'Love' 73
Love as Attraction 74
Love as Desire 80
Love as Goodwill 82
The Problem of Reciprocity  84
From Sympathy to Friendship  88
Betrothed Love 95
Psychological Analysis of Love 101
Sense Impression and Emotion  101
Analysis of Sensuality  104
Sentiment and Love  109
The Problem of Integrating Love 114
The Ethical Analysis of Love 119
Experience and Virtue 119
Affirmation of the Value of the Person 121
Membership of One Another 125
Choice and Responsibility 130
The Commitment of Freedom 135
The Education of Love 139
Chapter III: The person and chastity  
The Rehabilitation of Chastity 143
Chastity and Resentment  143
Carnal Concupiscence  147
Subjectivism and Egoism  153
The Structure of Sin  159
The True Meaning of Chastity 166
The Metaphysics of Shame 174
The Phenomenon of Sexual Shame and its Interpretation  174
Law of the Absorption of Shame by Love  181
The Problem of Shamelessness 186
The Problems of Continence 194
Self Control and Objectivization  194
Tenderness and Sensuality 200
Chapter IV: Justice towards the creator  
Marriage 211
Monogamy and the Indissolubility of Marriage 211
The Value of the Institution 216
Procreation and Parenthood 224
Periodic Continence: Method and Interpretation 237
Vocation 245
The Concept of 'Justice Towards the Creator' 245
Mystical and Physical Virginity 249
The Problem of Vocation 255
Paternity and Maternity 258
Chapter V: Sexology and ethics  
A Supplementary Survey 265
Introductory Remarks 265
The Sexual Urge 268
Marriage and Marital Intercourse 270
The Problem of Birth Control 278
Sexual Psychopathology and Ethics 285
Therapy 286
Notes 289
Index 311