Christian Mystery in the Secular Age
Phụ đề: The Foundation and Task of Theology
Tác giả: John Thornhil, S.M
Ký hiệu tác giả: TH-J
DDC: 230.01 - Nguyên lý thần học Kitô giáo
Ngôn ngữ: Anh
Số cuốn: 1

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Mã số: 617BC0010482
Nhà xuất bản: Westminster
Năm xuất bản: 1991
Khổ sách: 21
Số trang: 337
Kho sách: Kho B (Ban Thần)
Tình trạng: Hiện có
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Foreword xiii
Situating Christian Faith Today 1
Chapter One  
Contemporary Secularization 3
The Emergence of the Sacralized Culture 4
From Sacralization to Secularization 10
An Existential Option  
at the Heart of Western Culture 15
Secularization and Concern for the Transcendent  22
Chapter Two  
The Revolutionary Message of Judeo-Christian FaithThe Impact of Christian Faith on 33
Humanity’s Dialogical Relationship with God 34
The Gift of Faith 39
Faith Overcomes the Ambiguities  
of Humanity’s Religious Project 41
From the Dimensions of Christian Faith  
to the Principles of a Sound Theology 47
A Challenging Question  
for Contemporary Theology 53
Conclusions 62
Chapter Four  
Probing the Full Incarnational Implications  
of the Christ-Event 65
A Flesh-and-Blood Reality 66
The Story Which Expresses  
the Human Existence of Jesus of Nazareth 68
Conclusions 73
Chapter Five  
An Openness to the Gift of Spirit .75
Conversion in the Life of the Theologian 77
A Connaturality with the Divine Mystery 79
Conclusion 83
Chapter Six  
The Context of the Ecclésial Community 85
A Truth Which Lives On In Word and Sacrament 86
The Truth that Rules the Church 88
The Mind of the Church Provides  
the Analogy of Faith as a Criterion 90
The Interpretation of Authoritative Teaching 93
Conclusions 95
Chapter Seven  
The Realism of the Christ-Event 97
Human Language  
and the Expression of Divine Truth 97
The Evaluation of Doctrinal Statements:  
The Problem for Contemporary Theology 101
The Enduring Worth of Doctrinal Statements:  
The Contribution of Bernard Lonergan 103
Conclusions 113
Chapter Eight  
The  Essential  Message of the Gospel  
Embodled in the Christ Event 115
A Message About God 118
The -Truth-Itself Which God Is 120
Key to the Hierarchy of Truths 121
Conclusions 123
One Faith, Many Theologies 125
Chapter Nine  
The Origins of Theological Pluralism 127
The Greatness of the Truth of Faith 128
The Complexity of the Human Response  
to the Gospel Truth 130
Methodological Principles  
Which Shape Particular Theologies 138
Chapter Ten  
The Changing Focus of Existential Concern 143
From Sacralized to Secularized Cultural Setting The Distinctive Theological Traditions 144
of the Byzantine and the Latin Churches 146
Catholic Theology from the Medieval Period  
to the Second Vatican Council 148
The Protestant Tradition  
Comes to Terms with Modernity 152
Protestant and Catholic Traditions  
Take Up a Common Task 157
Locations of Existential Concern 159
Chapter Eleven  
The Structuring Principles of Particular Theologies...The Christ-Event as a Communication 165
from God to His People 166
The Christ-Event as Passover 174
The Christ-Event as Our Salvation 182
The Christ-Event as  
Incarnation of the Eternal Word 189
The Christ-Event as Gift or Grace 192
The Christ-Event as  
Establishing a New Covenant 196
The Christ-Event as Assembling  
of a People, with Mary as Model 201
The Christ-Event as Source  
of a Sacramental Economy 207
The Christ-Event as Expression  
of God’s Universal Plan 210
The Christ-Event as Realized  
in the One Who Came Among Us as Servant 213
The Christ-Event as Realization  
of the Eschaton,God’s Final Achievement 216
Chapter Twelve  
The Variety of Investigative Principles  
Employed by Different Theologies 223
Technical and Non-Technical Philosophies 224
Resources Provided by Other Disciplines 229
Chapter Thirteen  
Conclusion 231
Thomas Aquinas 237
Karl Barth 239
Martin Luther 245
Jiirgen Moltmann 251
Gustavo Gutierrez 253
Cyril of Alexandria 255
M.-D. Chenu 257
Augustine 260
Karl Rahner 263
Yves Congar 267
Henri de Lubac 271
John Henry Newman 274
Dietrich Bonhoeffer 276
Wolfhart Pannenberg 279
Teilhard de Chardin 282
Rosemary Radford Ruether 284