Religious life Asia
Phụ đề: With Passion for Christ and Passion for Humanity
Tác giả: Many Authors
Ký hiệu tác giả: MANY
DDC: 230.005 - Tuyển tập về Kitô giáo
Ngôn ngữ: Anh
Tập - số: Vol 7, No1
Số cuốn: 1

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Mã số: 617BC0003827
Nhà xuất bản: Internal circulation
Năm xuất bản: 2005
Khổ sách: 21
Số trang: 141
Kho sách: Kho B (Ban Thần)
Tình trạng: Hiện có
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Challenges and Opportunities for Consecrated Life from the Perspective of Asia – Fr. Lode Wostyn, CICM 5
Pursuing the Great White Rabbit Obstacles to Consecrated Life from Asian Perspective – Sr. Malen Java, RC 22
Where is the Spirit Leading the Consecrated Life at the Beginning of this New Millennium? – Fr. Jose Cristo Rey Garcia Paredes, CMF 52
A Common Vocation: Basis for the Partnership of Religious and the Laity – Joe de Mesa 70
How to overcome the Obstacles Which Prevent Us to be Witnesses of Transcendence – Fr. Bienvenido Baisas, OFM 77
Passion for Cultures and for Dialogue: The New Force of Evangelization in Oceania – Fr. Edgar Javier, SVD 90
How to Enkindle the Fire of Passion for Christ and for Humanity in the Formation Process – Sr. Josefa Aldana, SFIC 104
Present Situation of Consecrated life: A Socilogical Perspective – Maxi Fernando, CSsR 119