Essential Writings
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To the Readers XI
Foreword XIII
Introduction XV
   I. The Spirituality of Unity in the Christian Vocation  
   II. The Spirituality of Unity in Contemporary Thought and Culture  
Editor’s Preface XXIX
Part One: Mysticism for the Third Millennium  
Key texts of the spirituality of unity  
The Beginnings 3
A New Way of Christian Living 12
Two Sides of the Same Coin 16
     Our aim: “May they all be one” 16
     The key: Jesus crucified and forsaken 19
A Spirituality of Communion 27
Look at All the Flowers 33
The Way of Unity 36
Mary in the Focolare Movement 38
A Legacy: Be a Family 48
And the Focolare Was Born 49
Part Two: A New Look at Faith  
The core facts of revelation and of the Christian life viewed in the light of the spirituality of unity  
A God Who is Love 55
     What is essential today 55
     How I met you  56
     God is within 57
     Love the One who is Love  58
God our brother 59
God is powerful; he is the Omnipotent 60
     No one ever showed such concern for humanity 61
     Thoughts: Grant that I may love you 62
     Live within 63
     Thoughts: With the Almighty 63
     You exist. This is how it is 65
Our “Yes” to God 66
     Seeing with new eyes 66
     The only good 69
     Partnership 70
     A sanctity of the people 71
     A note of solemnity 74
     With feet on the ground 74
     Time is fast escaping me 75
     Thoughts: Improve always 75
     Not mine but yours be done 76
The Art of Loving 77
     The little seed  77
     Our brothers and sisters  78
     The exam 79
     As yourself  79
     If your eye is simple 80
     Enlarge our heart 81
     Lord, give me all who are lonely 81
     In love what counts is to love  82
     Once we have known God 82
     Love is what matters 83
     Christians’ attire  84
     There are those who do things for love 84
     When we have known suffering 85
     Thoughts: Nothing is small if it is done out of love 86
Jesus Forsaken 88
     There is no thorn without a rose  88
     A paradoxical purpose 89
     The cross 89
     I have found you 91
     The sun must set  92
     The hour that awaits us 92
     Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani  93
     Lament 93
     We would die  94
     Where is the slavery?  94
     “I know only Christ and Christ crucified” 95
     Thoughts: The foolishness of love 96
The Dream of a God 98
     Unity, a divine word 98
     The words of a father  98
     He wants to give us heaven  99
     Love generates  communion  100
     When unity is complete  101
     If we are united, Jesus is among us 102
     Christ will be my cloister  102
     If a city were set on fire  103
     One city is not enough  105
     Thoughts: Bend but never break  108 
Church as Communion 110
     A myriad of shining pearls 110
     The Mother  111
     Laity like us  112
     Passion for the Church  112
     Christ through the centuries 113
     The lives of the saints  115
     Launched to infinity 116
     To become saints as Church  
     Thoughts: Like the angels 118
The Word that Gives Life 120
     Nourished on the Word  120
     The truth makes us free  120
     The Golden Rule  121
     A divine balance  123
     Watch  125
     If we were to live the beatitudes  125
     They do not pass 126
     Thoughts: To be re-evangelized 127
     Jesus in the Eucharist 129
     In the bosom of the Father 129
     When you are offering your gift  130
     His, and our Mass 130
     Inconceivable  131
     Gratitude  132
     Thoughts: Heaven on earth  133
     Mary, the Flower of Humanity 135
     As a heavenly plane sloping 135
     “Explanation” of God  136
     My soul magnifies the Lord  137
     How beautiful the Mother 137
     Two hearts of flesh, clothed in virginity 138
     Thoughts: The Desolate  139
     I have only one mother on earth  139
     Because I want to see her again in you  140
     The All-Beautiful 141
The Holy Spirit, the Unknown God 143
     Mary and the Holy Spirit 143
     You sanctify  144
     Often love is not love 144
     Thoughts: The inner Master 146
     The abyss inside me  147
     Thoughts: With Mary  147
     Like an empty chalice 148
Living Life 150
     Life  150
     Whatever happened to boredom? 151
     The light of a candle in the sun  152
     If a soul gives itself to God sincerely 153
     You are everything, I am nothing  154
     What really matters 154
     But you not pass 155
The Final Hour 157
     Still more beautiful 157
     Thoughts of gold  158
     Stars alight in heaven eternally 159
     Death which is the beginning of Life 161
     Toward our homeland  161
     A love that continues  164
     Thoughts: The rehearsal 164
Part Three: Reflections of Light upon the World  
Basic notions of the charism of unity and their practical applications in the Church and the world  
     The Attraction of Modem Times 169
     Alongside others 169
     “Have faith, I have conquered the world” 169
     Invasion of love  171
     We have a great responsibility 172
     The resurrection of Rome 173
     Like a rainbow  177
The Family: Treasure Chest of Love 179
     A living cell  179
     Family and Love  180
     As in the family, so in society 183
     The family is our future 185
The Talents and Gifts of Women 195
In the School of Jesus: Philosophy and Theology 201
     The charism of unity and theology  204
     The charism of unity and philosophy 209
Persons in Communion 215
     Jesus the teacher  215
     The charism of unity and education 219
     Every life calls for love 224
     The charism of unity and psychology 225
The Charism of Unity and Politics 230
     People of God  230
     Mary, bond of unity among nations 231
     Divine diplomacy 233
     More wisdom in government  235
     Reflections: Universal brotherhood 235
     The Movement for Unity in Politics  236
     A united Europe for a united world  247
     Politics based on communion  257
     For an interdependence based on fraternity 264
The Charism of Unity and Economy 269
     The “Magna Carta”  269
     Underdeveloped Christians  269
     The heavens protest 273
     Toward an Economy of Communion  274
     Fundamental concepts of the Economy of Communion  278
     What kind of work is done by the Economy of Communion? 286
The Charism of Unity and the Media 290
     Communication and unity 290
     Mary and communication  298
The Charism of Unity and the Arts  
     The Madonna of Michelangelo  304
     Art, “a new creation”  306
     The Beautiful  307
     God who is beauty, and the Focolare Movement  307
     Artistic vocation — a talent for unity 317
360° Dialogue 320
     With Movements and various charisms within the Catholic Church  320
     With other Christians 325
     With our elder brothers 333
     With the world religions  337
     The Focolare Movement’s experience of interreligious dialogue  344
     With Muslims  348
     With people of convictions not based in religion  354
     On reasons to share our lives 358
To the Youth 360
     A united world: an ideal that becomes history  360
     To the children 366
     Epilogue 369
     The vineyard of Jesus forsaken  369
     The secret  369
     Simply “Thank you”!  370
Bibliography 371
Significant Dates and Events 383
The Focolare Movement 395
Notes 401
Index 413